Besides offering two floors of coworking space, The Mug Brussels also provides two offices on the first floor that - depending on availability - can be private or shared.


Private offices

offices bureaux the mug

You rent the perfect size office for a team of 3 to 4 people. It is entirely privatized and secured: only you and your collaborators have a key. You can use the space as you need, arrange it as you wish.

Conditions: 562,50 €/month with a minimum 12 months commitment.

Shared offices

office room the mug coworking

You get a fixed desk in an office shared with 4 people. Only these people have a key to the office. Each co-worker of the semi-private office can use their respective desk space as needed, leaving their belongings in a secure environment. A cleaning lady comes once a week.

Conditions: 208 €/month/desk with a minimum 6 months commitment.

Virtual offices

brussels the mug virtual office

The Mug becomes your company's head office, your mail is collected every day.

Conditions: 70 €/month, 35 € if you're member. Pay 6 months, The Mug offers you 1. Pay 9 months, The Mug offers you 3.

The 2 offices formulas include all fees (insurance, property tax, water, gas, electricity, WIFI, printer…) and give access to all shared areas: kitchen, bathroom, meeting rooms, terrace…